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WE MOVED TO pullingpetals.

We will no longer post here. If you have us friended, please friend our new journal instead. Sorry for any inconveniences it may have cause you.


Hey There Stranger,

Welcome to our Livejournal. Here you will find various items that may be to your interest. If so, just drop us a message/comment and we'll get back to you. Our goal is to promote and sell our handmade and specially crafted product that we slaved long hours over for you enjoyment. :)Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our product. Even if you do not want to buy our items, if you feel like making another friend feel free to contact us as well :)

On the lighter side, here is an inside scope about us:
We're two pure Brooklynites. We love this borough (since it has the best pizza!!!!)
We are working very hard to pay off our student loans. Please help! :)
We sell anything, especially when we're short on money and have to eat straight outta McDonald's dumpster. We cannot afford the fine cuisine of burger king. Thank you and have a great day. Feel free to lurk around our journal. We are incredibly hot. Please take us seriously. =)</small>

Anyways, all joking aside. We are accept Paypal only and are Paypal verify.

Official PayPal Seal

Hi, we have decided to create a selling journal on LJ. Please feel free to check out our items. We try to post new items we have on a weekly basis, if not bi-weekly. Feel free to click on the links (Each link directs to a new page) below to find more out us or about our items. Thanks! Happy browsing.

A Little About Ourselves
Our Selling Terms and Conditions

Our Feedback - We know how important feedback are to both you and us! We have feedback on eBay and currently trying to have some on LJ soon. Below are links to our feedback pages.
- Max4Oreo2 on eBay
- Livejournal Feedback

Sale Items / Navigation Page~ (Updated 11/20/2008)
Note: All pictures are shrunken to save space on the page. Click to enlarge. Each link is different! We don't want to kill your bandwidth and your connection by lisiting everything on one page! Strike-out items means the item is sold out.

- Handmade Floral String Lights
- Water Lilies Design (Pick your own color combination, $15.00/$22.00/$30.00 Depending on Light Count.)
- Blue Star Design ($10.00/$17.00/$25.00 Depending on Light Count)

- Handbags:
- Asian Oriental Tote Bag (Pink, Gold, Black $12.00/Each)
- Cow/Dalmatian Print Bag Small (Purple or Classic Black/White $21.50/Each)
- Cow/Dalmatian Print Bag Large (Purple Only $27.00/Each)
- Asian Drawstring Embroidered Bag/Pouch (Red, Black, Magenta, Olive Green, Navy Blue $10.00/Each)

- Miscellaneous:
- Asian Oriental Chopsticks with Tablemat ($3.00/Each)